Our GGLS mulch is the best time saving measure a gardener can take. We have different types for different gardens. All help save water and protect from weeds. Great for home and commercial gardens and landscapes. Ask us which is best for your project and check our tips.

GGLS Hot Mulch Tips
HOT TIP #1  Preserve water and insulate your roots
Mulch is essential of maintaining your garden in hour blazing hot QLD summers when damage to leaves, roots and flowers can occur literally right before your eyes as the sun reaches its scorching peak in the middle of the day. Mulch protects roots from overheating and prevents essential moisture evaporating.
HOT TIP #2  Feed your soil, not your plants
Mulch can be an excellent source of nutrients and certain mulches can help add structure to your soil to ensure your new crops get the best start. Not sure which mulch is right? Ask us - we can advise you which is best for nutrients, protection and your budget. 
HOT TIP #3  Bark mulches save time
Because bark takes longer to break down, you don't have to apply them as often. Coarse bark allows rainwater through without absorbing while finer bark will absorb precious moisture but provide more soil structure.